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Baby Shoes Vintage Afghan

I love all arts crafts but crochet is my real passion. I enjoy testing new techniques and yarns. When I was young I wanted to be fashion designer but I opted finally for studying economics, however some years ago I started to design baby shoes and Afghan crochet by chance and I find out that it really fulfills me. I combine an ancient craft with modern designs and I am always trying to do my best in each pattern.

I really hope you like them!!


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Growing Family of Happy Crocheters! #CROCHETIFY

Love, love, love this Pattern!!! Thank you for bringing joy into crocheters!

Lily C.

“Easy but extremely gorgeous when finished. Great patterns and simple to follow.”

Sophia M.

Awesome Pattern. Love the instructions!

Penelope J.

Went through instructions easier than I thought, i give it 5 stars!

Madison L.

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